How to Travel Stress Free to Popular Destinations

Fort Lauderdale Airport ParkingDestinations become popular because they’re a fun place to visit. Today it’s easier than ever for a diamond in the rough destination to become trendy overnight with social media. Your favorite spot for the last few summers? It just might be more crowded than ever. But don’t worry. You don’t have to avoid these hotspots with our tips to traveling stress free.


1. Book Early (Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking, Airfare, Accommodations, and more)

While you definitely want to book your Fort Lauderdale Airport parking and airfare in advance, this tip also applies to everything once you arrive. Whether you are going to the Bahamas for Spring Break, Maine in the summer, or Breckenridge during the winter, it’s going to be crowded. The best hotels and restaurants will fill up quickly. Don’t wait. The same goes for scuba diving or whale watching excursions. Yes, you can wait to book until you arrive, but you’ll be fighting crowds and sold out schedules.

2. Plan and Schedule (Transit, Activities, and Location)

Speaking of schedules, vacation is a time for you to relax and avoid the rigid schedule you have at home. And while you don’t need to schedule your trip out by the hour, you should have a tentative schedule in mind. If you don’t, you may find yourself visiting a museum during the day and rushing to get to your dinner reservation across town that evening. Having an idea of what you want to do as well as operating hours and locations will cut down on a lot of stress.

3. Pack Smart

When you are going to a popular destination you should know that basic touristy items will cost more there. So sunscreen, aloe, and lip balm should be purchased ahead of time for a beach vacation. What you will want to consider leaving behind are irreplaceable items or valuables. The crowds at popular destinations make them a target for crime. You don’t want to put yourself at risk. And be sure to use your in room safe for your travel documents.

4. Think like a Local

Just because you’re heading to New York City or Cancun doesn’t mean you have to spend you’re whole trip amongst the crowds. Take a day or two to explore local favorites like restaurants and neighborhoods. There are always a few hidden gems at any popular destination that are still flying below the radar.


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