A Pre-Travel Guide For Offsite FLL Airport Parking Travelers

Offsite FLL Airport ParkingOne of the easiest ways to combat travel stress is by using a pre-travel guide. Check things off your list as you go so you aren’t waiting until the last minute. That’s when traveling can become really stressful. Here’s our helpful guide for all offsite FLL Airport parking travelers to use before your next trip.


3+ Months (Passports, Airfare, and Lodging)

While it may seem that your trip is a long way off, there are several important steps you’ll want to take at least 3 months in advance.

  • Any international travel will require an up to date passport. It can take up to 6 weeks for you to get a new passport or renew one, even with the expedited service. And even if your passport won’t expire before your trip, some countries require you to have a certain length of time left before it expires. Be sure to read a helpful article regarding passport expiration dates
  • 3 months or more in advance is also when you want to start researching airfare and lodging prices. Create a search on Airfare Watchdog or sign up for promotional emails to score the best deal.


1 Month (Communication and Offsite FLL Airport Parking)

  • You will want to book your offsite FLL Airport parking at least one month before you travel. Offsite airport parking will save you a ton of money over parking at the airport. You’ll also be assured of your spot and won’t have to worry about it selling out.
  • For international travel, this is the time that you’ll want to confirm your means of communication. Many cell phone plans may not be equipped to use overseas or will require you to purchase a special talk and text plan. Speak to your cell phone provider one month before your trip.


1 Week

  • Now is the time that you will want to contact the post office to stop delivery during your trip or to ask a friend to collect it for you. You’ll also want to make arrangements for your newspaper delivery.
  • Contact your bank and credit cards to let them know your travel plans if you’re going out of the country. If you don’t they could potentially put a hold on your cards to protect you from fraud.


The Day Before

  • This is when you’ll want to gather all of the last minute items you’ve been using, but will need on your trip: phone chargers, laptop, medications, etc. Gathering them now will make it easier to pack them before you leave.
  • Check in to your flight online and get a copy of your boarding pass.
  • Double check that you have all of your reservation information for your airport parking, lodging, rental car, tours, and more.



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