4 Off the Radar Destinations to Visit

Park at Self Park FLLWe all want that exciting vacation, but sometimes we just don’t want to deal with the crowds. It’s part of why you’ve chosen to park at Self Park FLL, you can reserve online and be taken straight to FLL Airport. So in this Instagram world, where can you go off the beaten path that’s still exciting? We have the top 4 places to travel this year before they become the next hotspot.


The Balkans

You’ll want to avoid Dubrovnik in Croatia, which is now the ‘It’ spot of the moment for fans of Games of Thrones. Instead visit the Balkan Peninsula. You’ll be able to see ancient villages, medieval castles, and mountains in Bosnia, Romania, and Albania. These lesser visited Eastern European countries are steeped in rich history without the crowds so you can get the best of both worlds.



It seems like everyone we know has traveled to Thailand this year. And if you don’t want to follow the crowd, plan a trip Taiwan. This little island is often overlooked, but it really has everything. Soak up the sun on Fulong Beach, explore the landscape of Yangmingshan National Park, or get in on that city slicker life in Taipei.



This is another perfect destination for those who want to explore the Eastern world, but avoid the tourists in Taiwan. You’ll be able to visit historic Hindu temples, see Komodo dragons, or hike up in the mountains in Bali. Be sure to visit soon as their pink beach on Lombok Island as it won’t stay under the radar for long.



Guadalajara is the largest city in Jalisco and is known as the Mexican Silicon Valley. Their booming tech industry is housed within the traditional architecture and culture of Mexico. From rodeos to mariachi bands, this will be a trip you won’t forget. And don’t forget to try the tequila!


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