When Should You Book Your Ticket?

Parking near Ft Lauderdale AirportEvery relative, friend, and blog has their own method for scoring the best ticket prices, but what actually works? There is a ton of different ways to save and it’s honestly the best to use a couple. Don’t get locked in on just having flexible travel dates as your only means to find cheaper tickets. You also don’t want to only rely on Southwest or Jet Blue’s flash sales. Those jaw dropping low one-way fares? Most likely aren’t from or to your destination. Using a combination of having flexible dates and taking advantage of a sale is a great way to save. Another tried and true method for many travelers is buying their ticket at the right time. What is the prime time to book a flight? We have your break down here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to book your parking near Ft Lauderdale Airport.


Don’t be the early worm

Being the first to book your ticket is rarely financially beneficial. Airlines know that if you are booking 10 months to a year early, your travel dates are pretty locked in. This is generally for a honeymoon, anniversary, or reunion. Because you “need” the tickets, they’ll be at a premium. The same goes for last minute travelers who are booking a week or only a few days in advance. Again, due to your need to travel, the tickets will be more expensive. Airlines have no problem capitalizing on your need for specific travel dates.


Sweet Spot

The rule of thumb for domestic U.S. flights is to book 3 weeks to 3 ½ months in advance. The best time for International flights is at least 2 months before your travel dates.


Holiday Traveling

Of course these timelines are basically thrown out the window when it comes to holiday travel. And this is when having flexible travel dates can be beneficial. Take a look at the airline’s ticket price calendar to get an overall idea of which flights and days are cheaper during peak times.


Travelers today have more resources than ever when it comes to finding great ticket prices. Fare trackers like Airfarewatchdog.com will notify you with price alerts. If you do find a ticket for a shockingly low price, even if it’s during peak times or you’re outside of the range for the best time to book, go ahead and grab it. There’s no guarantee it will get lower.


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