How to Avoid Being the Worst Airline Passenger

FLL Airport ParkingWe all know what it’s like to be stuck near THE worst airline passenger. After awhile you can’t even try to tune them out. It can end up ruining your whole flight. While we know our FLL Airport parking guests at Self Park FLL would never intentionally be a bad seatmate, we can sometimes be guilty of poor passenger behavior. Here we have a list of the top 5 worst behaviors to avoid when you fly.


1.) The Rear Seat Kicker

It’s inevitable on the cramped seats that every airline has installed that you’ll occasionally knock into the seat in front of you. So it’s important to be patient, especially during the boarding and exiting process. However, the rear seat kicker is in a whole other category. It’s a constant disruption that’s physically moving your seat every time. Regardless if you have a nervous twitch or not there is no excuse to violate the person’s seat in front of you. Book a seat with extra legroom if you need it, or the first row on the flight to avoid being that person.


2.) The One Who Bathed in Cologne

Look, it’s nice that you don’t want to smell badly on the flight, it is cramped quarters. But it’s not okay to douse yourself in cologne. Or perfume. Or lotion. People can be very sensitive to smells to the point that it will make them sick. Just take a shower before you fly and wait to put on the scents until you get to your destination. And even then, remember that a little goes a long way.


3.) The I Brought a Full Meal with Me

We all get hungry and it’s tough now that many airlines don’t offer a complimentary meal. Some don’t even offer snacks. And you don’t want to mess around with hanger. (It’s real!) But have you ever been next to a passenger that brought a whole pot roast on with them? True story. Packing snacks on your flight is a great money saving technique. Just be mindful of what you’re bringing. Maybe skip the tuna, sauerkraut, or curry until you get to your destination.


4.) The I’m Already On Vacation so I’m Not Going to Watch My Kids

No one should judge a parent who is doing their best flying with kids. It’s hard. Kids are going to cry. But it’s never okay to let your kid run up and down the aisle, kick, or spit at other passengers. Flying is stressful for everyone so please keep that in mind if you are flying with children.


5.) The Sick One

Here’s a tough situation because it can be hard to cancel or reschedule your flight if you are sick. Or you need to get somewhere and you have no choice but to fly. If there’s no way to get around it, you need to fly responsibly. If you’re coughing or your illness is spread by airborne pathogens, wear a face mask. When using tissues have a plastic bag with you to store used ones in before you can throw them out. Pack hand sanitizer and use it often to lower the risk of contamination. You should also bring a pack of sanitizing wipes. Wipe down your armrests and tray before you get off the plane. For more information for our FLL Airport parking travelers on stopping the spread of germs click here.


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