Tips for Getting to FLL International Airport

Parking at self park fllIt’s the age-old question: How am I getting to the airport?

Should I drive and pay the ridiculously high parking rates? Would any of my friends mind dropping me off and picking me up? Should I get a taxi? A Lyft? What if they’re late? And what is this offsite economy airport parking everyone is talking about? These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves throughout the years. It can be one of the more stressful decisions when it comes to your travel plans. But that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. By parking at Self Park FLL you can take advantage of our low rates, secured lot, and our excellent complimentary shuttle service.


FLL Airport Parking

Parking at FLL should never be your first choice. For valet you’ll be charged a hefty $25 per day. If you park in the garage it’ll cost you $15 a day. And at that price, you don’t even get to reserve your spot in advance. We’ll show you why you should start utilizing offsite economy airport parking when you travel. Here are just a few of the benefits to parking at Self Park FLL for Ft Lauderdale International Airport parking.


Reasonable rates

We always offer lower rates than parking at FLL Airport, even during the holidays. At Self Park FLL you know exactly how much your length of stay will cost. You get to prepay for your whole reservation online and there are no hidden fees when you arrive. Booking online is great option when you are traveling during peak seasons and holidays when airport parking starts to sell out.


Parking your self

Parking at Self Park FLL is a breeze. You are the only one who ever drives your car. And you take your keys with you. It’s a relief for our guests to know exactly where their car is parked, because they parked it. Don’t let someone take your car and park it in a lot that you can’t even see.


Getting to and from the airport

All of our shuttles are clean and ready to take you to and from the airport. They run every 20 minutes. Our shuttle service is completely complimentary and our drivers are happy to provide luggage assistance.



Your car will be in a paved, well lit, and fenced lot. Our nightly lot patrol team member keeps surveillance over night. While the fenced in lot ensures that only team members and other guests are able to access the lot. You can rest easy knowing your car is being well looked after.


Ride shares and taxis

We’ve all heard plenty of airport taxi horror stories. They’re late, never show up, or don’t have room for your whole party’s luggage. Ride shares aren’t always reliable or cost effective either. It’s possible to be shocked with a huge bill for a 10-minute ride if you’re traveling during peak times, particularly with Uber. And no one likes to inconvenience friends or family for a ride, especially if you have an early flight out.


Airport Parking

The easiest solution for FLL Airport parking is parking at Self Park FLL. You’ll be treated to 5-Star service without the 5-Star price tag. Book with us the next time you fly out of FLL International Airport and see for yourself.

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