What Does JetBlue Basic Mean for Cheap Airport Parking?


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JetBlue Airways has joined American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, by introducing an economy airline ticket. These ticket options are designed to compete with no-frills airlines such as Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines. While many travelers love to hate economy tickets, they can and should be used in the right circumstances. Basic economy from JetBlue is another result of savvy consumers who want the best prices just like the insurgence of the cheap airport parking industry. Economy works, as long as the level of customer service remains high. With more and more travelers choosing the best money saving options, cheap airport parking is selling out fast and these JetBlue Basic tickets might be the latest trend.


JetBlue Basic Economy VS Other Airlines

JetBlue is releasing these tickets in 2019. And it’s been hinted that JetBlue will likely rebrand all of their ticketing options to Blue, Blue Save, and Blue More. Currently, most airlines’ basic tickets do not include seat choice, priority boarding, or rescheduling/cancelling flexibility. United’s doesn’t even include a carry-on. While JetBlue has not disclosed all of their details, COO Joanna Geragthy assures us that all passengers will have access to the JetBlue Experience. When you fly on JetBlue regardless of your ticket option, you get to enjoy their ample legroom, free in-flight entertainment, as well as complimentary snacks and drinks. If basic economy passengers will receive these benefits, this might just be the best economy ticket out there.


When to Choose Basic Economy

If you’re traveling with family or friends and seat selection is important, then basic economy is probably not for you. Its really geared toward solo travelers and short trips. Being stuck in the middle is much more tolerable on a 2 hour flight. If you’re flying cross-country you may want to upgrade your ticket. Basic economy is also a great choice when you are buying two one-way tickets instead of round trip. Since rescheduling and cancellations are usually prohibited, you can mitigate your risk by buying one-way economy tickets. If one part of your trip is changed, you won’t lose out on both tickets.



When you are researching your ticket options, check to see what perks you get from your credit cards. Often times you are still guaranteed priority boarding or free checked bags if you use your airline credit card. If you can double your savings with your perks, basic economy may be perfect for you.


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