Short Trips to or from FLL Airport? Get a Day-Use Hotel!

Park at Self Park FLLHave you ever traveled for business and wished you could have freshened up before a meeting? Or maybe your flight into FLL Airport arrives hours before your cruise boards. There are many instances when you travel that having access to a hotel room during the day would be useful. That’s where day-use hotel rooms come in. Once you know more you’ll soon find reasons to park at Self Park FLL and hop on a quick flight all the time.


What is it?

A lot of hotels will allow guests to check-in to a room for use during the day. You just have to ask. You’ll check-in and out as usual, but at different hours than overnight guests. Typically day-use rooms are available from 8:00am to 7:00pm.


Business Travelers

Day-use hotel rooms are perfect for quick business trips. Many times you fly in for an interview or a meeting and fly out that same day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to unwind and freshen up? You can do that with a day-use room. Take some time to get in a quick work out or grab a nap before you hit the road again.


Cruise Vacationers

If you’re from out of town and are taking a cruise from Port Everglades, you’ll find yourself flying into FLL Airport. Typically you’ll arrive hours before the cruise boards with nothing to do. Rather than spending your morning at an airport bar consider booking a day-use room. It will be a much more relaxing start to your vacation.


Driving in from Miami

Cheaper flights out of Ft. Lauderdale Airport are tempting for many people in Miami. Its no wonder this travel hack is becoming more popular as you can also save on airport parking when you park at Self Park FLL. If you decide to take advantage of FLL Airport’s flights, you’ll want to arrive early. Miami traffic can be unpredictable and a day-use hotel is perfect while you wait for your flight.


Self Park FLL is home to the best economy parking for Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. Our free shuttles, fenced lot, and friendly team make us the perfect choice for your FLL airport parking needs. Reserve our cheap airport parking now so you can park yourself and keep your keys!

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