How to Pack Light for your Winter Trip

Holiday Travel TipsLayers are the key to packing light for any trip whether you are going somewhere balmy or freezing. It’s one of the best holiday travel tips if you aren’t already utilizing it. You will be surprised how little you miss your massive jacket when you are bundled up in light layers. When you’re packing you will want layers that compliment each other so that you can mix and match.

Packing your Tops

  • You’ll want to start with the basics here. Camisoles and tank tops are a great base to start your outfit. They keep you warm and can be added under almost everything. If you’re going somewhere particularly cold, a long-sleeve under shirt that isn’t too bulky is a must. Pick solid colors when you chose your base layers.
  • Pack your top layers after selecting your basics. These can be cardigans, light sweaters, or tunics.
  • For your jacket, what you pick will rely heavily on the type of climate you are traveling to. If you’re going somewhere that is known for their rain during the winter months pick a rainproof jacket. There are many great options that fold up easily for packing. A fleece another great jacket to consider. It’s cozy and can be used as a pillow on your flight. If you think you’ll need a heavy jacket to layer on top be sure to select one that will match your outfits. Wear it on the plane so that it doesn’t take up any of your valuable luggage space.

Packing your Bottom Layers

  • Jeans are generally a staple when it comes to winter packing. What’s great about these is that you can wear them more than once. Corduroys are also a nice option if you want to mix up your outfits. For layering add a pair of tights or leggings.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

  • By coordinating all of your outfits before you select your shoes will be able to significantly reduce the amount of shoes you’ll want to pack. Wet feet are the worst when you’re trying to explore a new city. Pick shoes or a good pair of boots that will keep the water out. Be sure to wear the heaviest pair you’re bringing on the plane.


  • Cold weather accessories are a great way to add warmth and style. Think scarves, hats, and gloves. Neutral colors will work best here so you can mix and match for a new look each day.


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