9 Travel Hacks for our Self Park FLL Travelers

Self Park FLL TravelersHow can you make the most of your vacation? It’s the question we will ask ourselves from the beginning of planning our next trip to while we are experiencing it. There are tons of travel tips, tricks, and hacks out there for any situation, from what to pack to getting your airport parking reservations (which our Self Park FLL Travelers already know how to do). But what about modern travel hacks? Here’s our top 9 travel hacks for the modern traveler.


1. There’s an APP for it

New apps are released all of the time and they really can save you time and money. One of the best ones we’ve used is Citymapper. It’s perfect when you’re out of data or you can’t access the Internet at all. It pulls maps and local transportation routes all offline. No more getting lost because your GPS isn’t working.


2. Remember Newsletters

While newsletters might sound like a thing of the past to you, they’ll help you find the cheapest flights. Sign up with various travel agents and airlines to get the inside scoop on sales and promotions.


3. Sharing Photos

Don’t waste your precious roaming data and sharing your pictures with the group. If you’re an Apple user you can enable Airdrop to share large files with each other.


4. Getting a Great Shot

Most travelers are trying to downsize what they pack and for some that means leaving the camera at home. Upgrade the type of photos you can snap with your phone by purchasing a camera lens for your phone. You can find some great ones at affordable prices, plus they’ll hardly take up any space at all.


5. Sleep for Free

You don’t need to save up for expensive accommodations anymore. For our adventurous Self Park FLL Travelers you can sign up on sites like Couchsurfing.com. You can find a free couch to sleep on for free and meet other travelers.

6. Texting on the Flight

T-Mobile is the first mobile carrier to launch in-flight texting. It works on selected airlines for customers who have a valid number. Check into this option if you have a long flight in your future.


7. Check In Online

This hack might seem like a no brainer, but a lot of travelers still wait until they get to the airport to check in. Maybe you checked in online from home for your departing flight, but you’re at a hotel without free WIFI and you can’t check in for your return flight. Take the time to head to a Starbucks or another store with free WIFI to check in. You’ll have the best chance of picking the seat you want (which is a necessity if you need overhead bin space).


8. Pack a Bottle

We all know the rules that prohibit full water bottles from going through the security check point at the airport. However, we tend to forget that we can bring an empty one through without a problem. Don’t be forced to buy the overly expensive bottled water at the airport. Bring your own container and fill up from the free water fountains.


9. Photo Insurance

One of the best modern resources travelers have is their smart phone. Before you travel take pictures of important documents, reservation numbers, luggage and more. While we hope that you won’t need to use the photos, you’ll be happy to have them if you do.


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