What Not to Wear When you Travel: On a Plane

FLL Airport Economy Parking TipsWhat Not to Wear

Our guests at Self Park FLL already know where to find the best FLL Airport economy parking for their trip. Whether you are flying out for business or for fun, it can be hard deciding what to wear on the flight. Ft. Lauderdale is known for it’s hot weather that lasts almost all year round. To help you pick out your next travel outfit we have a few of the items you definitely don’t want to wear. Find out what items you should pass on wearing and pack in your suitcase instead.


Painful Shoes

Even with all of the comfortable and stylish shoes out there we still see travelers hobbling through the airport in uncomfortable heels and sandals. If your shoes aren’t comfortable for walking then you definitely want to ditch them for flying. We all know our home airports so you may think they’ll be fine, but the airport you’re flying into may be the challenge. There are huge airports where baggage claim is on one end and your ride will be at the other. Save yourself the pain by leaving these shoes at home or stowing them in your luggage.


Hard to Remove Shoes

You don’t want to be the person in line at security that holds up everyone behind you because you can’t get off your knee-high boots or your gladiator sandals. Wear shoes that you know you’ll be able to take off easily. Not only will everyone behind you thank you, you’ll also be relieved you didn’t spend any unnecessary time in security. (If you do really want to wear them, learn how you can keep them on during security here.)


Skin Tight Clothes

These can get very uncomfortable, very fast when you are stuck in one position. Not only that, they can increase your risk of forming a blood clot due to the decrease in circulation. Avoid the super skinny jeans or tight leggings.


Heavy Scents

A confined airplane is no place for thick perfume, colognes, body lotions, or aftershave. Your fellow passengers might not think the scent is as appealing as you do.

Complicated Clothes

While your outfit may be one you want to show off, if it’s hard to clasp, buckle, or lace it might be a better choice for after you arrive at your destination. Airplane bathrooms are small and you don’t want to perform a magic act getting in and out of your outfit. Avoid overly long pants or skirts that will drag, jumpsuits, and bodysuits.


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