How to Pack Just a Carry-On for a Long Trip

Economy FLL Airport Parking Carry-On

The fees you encounter when you travel can really start to add up. Even with the savings you’re sure to get from our economy FLL Airport parking, the seat reservation fees, baggage fees, and onboard Wi-Fi charges, could end up costing you hundreds more than you budgeted. One way to save is by ditching your checked bag. If you can fit everything into a carry-on you can save yourself anywhere from $25 to $75 dollars each flight on the major airlines. Here are our tips on how to pack a carry-on for your long trip! Don’t forget to book your airport parking today.


What to Pack

Packing for a three week trip is not much different than a one-week trip. In either case you’ll want to pack about five outfits with plenty of lightweight layers. This can easily fit into a regulation carry-on bag. The key is to pack items that match with everything. The top you wear on Monday with the jeans will work on Thursday with a pair of shorts. That ability to mix and match is essential. Pick a color scheme such as blues and browns and pack accordingly. This way you can cut down on the amount of shoes you’ll be tempted to bring and you’ll only need to pack one belt. As for shoes you should limit them to three pairs: one pair of walking shoes or sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes (IF necessary). A fourth pair can be worn onto the plane and should be the largest (i.e. boots) or heaviest (hiking boots) that you’re bringing.


How to Pack

When you have a limited about of luggage space, the way you pack is just as important as how you pack. Rolled clothes generally take up less space than traditional folding does. It also helps to cut down on the wrinkles. Some people swear by packing cubes like the ones you can find here, but you can certainly get by without them if you don’t want the added expense. Smaller items like socks can be stored in your shoes. And your shoes can be stored in a bag that can pull double duty as a tote bag.


What to Wear

An easy way to pack light is by carefully choosing what you are going to wear on the plane. This also includes what you’re going to pack into your personal item. If you can’t leave your statement jewelry behind, wear it on the plane. While it won’t take up that much space in your carry-on, it can weigh it down. You don’t want to risk going over the airline’s weight restrictions. That will result in extra fees and the whole point of packing just a carry-on is to avoid that. You should also dress in layers and wear/carry the heaviest coat you are bringing with you. That alone will free up a lot of space in your suitcase.

Your personal item contains a lot of valuable real estate. Pack it with the items you may need during the flight like your laptop, medications, and glasses. With any additional space you can use it to pack a light sweater or hoodie, a hat, and an extra pair of sunglasses. The free personal item most airlines allow you to bring is essential when you’re packing light.


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