4 Adventure Tour Myths Debunked

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It can be intimidating to take a trip to a new place by yourself or with friends who have never been there before either. Where should you stay? What should you see? How will you get from one city to the next? A guided experience can be exactly what you’re looking for. They take care of all of those details so you can fully enjoy your trip. Many travelers are still unsure of adventure tours because of all the myths that surround it, but you’ll soon see most of them aren’t true. Book your FLL Airport parking reservations today and consider an adventure tour for your next trip.


Myth 1: Stuck on a Bus

Not many people would choose to travel on a bus, but it is a major mode of transportation in most adventure tours. Whether it’s taking you from city to city or picking you up from the hotel and bringing you to a museum, you’ll most likely spend some time on a bus. But it can be a fun experience getting to know your group. If you really detest the idea of traveling by bus you can find adventure tours that use cabs and local trains for transportation. These tour companies want to immerse you in the local culture and what better way to do that than by using the local transportation?


Myth 2: Boring Tour Guide

Most of us have been stuck on a boring tour at least once in our lives, which makes this common myth a huge deterrent for potential adventure tour travelers. This isn’t always the case. You can find many tours with engaging guides or ones that connect you with local experts. With review sites and comments from previous travelers you can find the tours and guides that won’t be a bore. Here’s where a little research can go a long way.


Myth 3: Minute-by-Minute Scheduling

No one wants to go on vacation and be stuck to a rigid schedule all day every day. Most adventure tours are designed with spontaneity in mind. Want to stick with the group in the mornings and get dinner on your own at night? No, problem. Pick a tour that lets you choose which activities at each location you want to participate in or opt out.


Myth 4: Adventure Tours are only for Families or Couples

While you can certainly find a tour for families or couples, they aren’t the only options available. There are plenty for young or solo travelers as well. And even if the tour you’re dying to go on seems designed for couples, book it anyway. You never know who will be on the same tour as you and what friendships you may form.


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