What to do if a Hotel Refuses your Reservation

Offsite Airport ParkingWhile we always expect a reservation to be honored, it’s not always the case. Unfortunately hotels oversell rooms just as airlines oversell seats. They both operate on the premise that people just don’t show up. A lot of times this is the case and you are never the wiser, but sometimes everyone checks in and then there’s a problem. Keep in mind that this can also occur if the hotel suffers damages in one or more rooms that make them unserviceable. In this case it’s not the hotel’s “fault” for over selling, but the result is the same. They don’t have enough rooms for all of the reservations. This is also a possibility when you book offsite airport parking. Sometimes guests are delayed on their trip and their cars take up spaces that they thought would be free. When you book your offsite airport parking, be sure to read reviews and research the lot. You want to choose a place like Self Park FLL, where you can feel confident that your reservations will always be honored. So what can you do when you’ve traveled all day and your hotel is turning you away? We’ll show you the possible scenarios and what you should know.


Know Your Reservation

While all hotels should ensure that their guests have accommodations, it is in your best interest to read the fine print on your confirmation. You don’t want there to be any loophole that the hotel can use against you in a situation where they don’t have enough rooms. Do you have a guaranteed anytime check in? If you don’t, be sure to know what their check in time is. They could say you weren’t there on time and they didn’t think you would arrive so they cancelled your reservation. If you are planning to check in late, call the hotel that day and tell them that while you are arriving later you will be checking in. Ask if they will take your credit card details over the phone and issue you a room number.

Another common problem is accepting a confirmation number of your booking through the third party website you used. Typically they will give you a confirmation number of your transaction with them and a separate confirmation number from the hotel. Make sure you have the confirmation number from the hotel or else they could claim that they never received notification of your reservation.


What Hotels Should Do

If a hotel knows that they will have a shortage of rooms, they should make arrangements for you. Typically this will be at a comparable hotel and they will ‘walk’ you there. Your new room should at least be the same quality as you originally booked; sometimes you’re lucky and will get an upgrade or free meal voucher. The hotel should handle all of these arrangements prior to your


Your Expectations

While it’s hard to received a partial refund if your new accommodations have a lower rate than you paid, you should never be charged more if the new rates are higher. In certain situations it is more than fair for you to request being compensated in another way if you are receiving lesser accommodations or one that isn’t ideally located. Hotels have an easier time offering you points, upgraded hotel stays, or even free nights than cash. Even if you are happy with your new hotel, you can always request something in return for the inconvenience. The easiest way to negotiate is by being positive and calm. You want the hotel staff to be on your side. Also wait for them to make the first offer. It’s a starting point and may be more than you were going to ask for.



A lot of times it simply comes down to first in, first served. So again if you can’t check in early, make the phone call and let them know you are coming. Hotels will also try to keep the guests who are a part of their loyalty program. It shows them that you are repeat customers and they don’t want to risk losing your business for good. Always sign up for a hotel’s loyalty reward program. Even if you don’t stay with them often, they tend to prioritize the needs and wants of a member. And whenever you make a reservation use your member number.



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