Getting Miles for Cheap Ft Lauderdale Airport Parking Travelers

Cheap Ft Lauderdale Airport ParkingCheap Ft Lauderdale Airport parking travelers are always looking for the best travel deals. One way many bloggers have been traveling for free is with frequent flyer miles. It may seem confusing to begin with, but you don’t actually have to fly all of the time. You can start accruing miles without flying. Crazy right? But it’s true. Learn how you can start earning miles towards a free flight today and save even more with our cheap airport parking rates!


Sign up for a credit card with flyer mile rewards

One of the simplest ways for Cheap Ft Lauderdale Airport parking travelers to earn free fights is with a rewards credit card. The sign on bonus alone for some major credit cards can be huge. Southwest’s Rapid Rewards credit card will give you 40,000 points if you make $1,000 in purchases within the first 3 months. When you’re choosing a card you want to do your research. Do you generally fly on one airline or do you need a card that allows you to be flexible with your airline choice? How many points are you awarded per dollar spent? Do they have anniversary bonuses? Do their points expire?


Partner up with your other travel reservations

You can earn miles throughout your trip. Some frequent flyer mile programs partner with hotels and rental cars. Check how many points you can earn before you book. Sites like RocketMiles are great tools to compare the points you can get on different hotels in an area. They also offer promotions that can score you even more!


Shop through online rewards sites

Did you know that you can earn points from your online shopping? Chase has a shopping portal through your reward credit card login that will give you extra miles per dollar spent. EVReward is another online tool that will show you which online stores are offering miles. Click through their site and then log in to your rewards account.


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