What You Need to Know About the New FAA Law

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Something big happened in the airline industry that no one seems to be talking about, but you need to know. On Friday, October 5, 2018, President Trump signed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill into law. The bill had successfully passed through Congress with a huge amount of support behind it. It’s always important to know what rights you have. Here’s what our FLL economy airport parking travelers need to know.

For Passengers:

  • Passengers already boarded, can not be “bumped” from their flight
  • The FAA must set minimums for seat width and seat pitch
  • Prohibits passengers from making voice calls during the flight
  • It is now officially illegal to store an animal in an overhead bin
  • Banned E-Cigarettes
  • Airlines must refund passengers if they paid for a service they didn’t receive
  • It gives the FAA the ability to require pregnant women board first
  • Requires airlines to check your stroller if you are traveling with small children
  • The government will look into whether it is deceptive or unfair for airlines to claim weather delay if there are other factors involved

For Flight Attendants:

  • Established minimum standards for rest time between shifts
  • Increased penalties for passengers when they interfere with cabin crew or flight crew
  • Created a task force to study sexual harassment and misconduct between airline employees

Additional Information:

The new law also looks to the future with new studies and regulations required of the FAA, such as:

  1. Develop regulations that will allow “regular flights of package-delivery drones”.
  2. Consider whether supersonic airplanes should be allowed over the continental U.S.
  3. Setup an Office of Spaceports

No limit has been set on the amount an airline can charge for baggage fees or change fees.

The law authorizes the allocation of $1.68 billion in relief for Hurricane Florence.


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