Travel Insurance: Is it Worth it?

Self Park FLL ParkingAt Self Park FLL, the premier choice for economy airport parking in Ft. Lauderdale, we know that your plans can change. Things come up and maybe you need to cancel your travel plans or reschedule. Our Self Park FLL parking reservations can be cancelled up until 24 hrs prior to your scheduled arrival. We also are flexible if you need to extend or shorten your reservation. Not all of the aspects of your upcoming trip will be as easy to modify. It’s important to know the different types of travel insurance and if any are worth it for you.


Types of Travel Insurance

There are different types of travel insurance that may be offered to you. Here we will go over the some of the most common. Before purchasing any policy, be sure to research it fully as each plan will be unique.

  1. (Emergency) Medical: Many health insurance plans do not cover you if you travel abroad. That’s where this type of policy can be useful. It will cover your medical expenses if you are out of the country. If you are not traveling internationally and you have good medical coverage, you may find that this type of travel insurance is unnecessary.
  2. Cancellation: This is the type of travel insurance you might find the most useful, especially after the 2017 hurricane season. This covers you if you have to cancel your trip if unforeseen circumstances occur. Usually that means an illness, natural disaster, or company bankruptcy. When you prepay most of your vacation in advance, you will want to consider getting this insurance.
  3. Baggage: Major airlines will cover your lost baggage if it was lost during their possession. Baggage insurance is really to cover you up to a certain amount if your bags are lost personally, are stolen, or if they are delayed.
  4. Accidental Death or Dismemberment: No one wants to consider this to be a possibility when you travel. However, this policy will pay up to $500,000 if you or a family member suffers an accidental death or irreparable injury during your trip. If you have a life insurance policy, then this type of travel insurance should be unnecessary.


What to Consider

Before purchasing any travel insurance, see what your current insurance policies offer you. If you find a gap in their coverage or if you don’t have a life insurance policy, you should consider supplementing with travel insurance. Keep in mind what your airline offers in case of an emergency or last minute cancellation as well as any perks your credit cards might provide. Some major rewards card will offer you complimentary travel insurance benefits if you use the card to book.

Some trips are very cut and dry and you might have gotten such a good deal on flights that paying more for travel insurance just doesn’t make sense. However, if you have a lot of connecting flights, tours, or excursions, it may make you feel much more at ease by getting an insurance policy. Remember most policies cost 5-12% of the total cost of your trip and are non-refundable. is a great resource to ensure you are spending your money wisely.


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