Tips to Avoid Common Travel Scams for FLL Airport Travelers

FLL Airport TravelersWhile we hope our FLL Airport travelers are never victims of a travel scam, these professional thieves are good at their job. It’s important to always be vigilant and aware of the common tactics they prefer to use. Don’t let a travel scam ruin your next trip. We already help you avoid the scam of high priced airport parking fees. Self Park FLL will always be there for you to park your car at a reasonable price in a safe lot. Here are more tips on how to avoid travel scams.


The Fake Phone Call

One of the more common scams is the fake phone call. The scammer calls you at your hotel room and they generally have a lot of success. They will call you very late at night or early in the morning to catch you when you are not 100% aware. Be careful of any unexpected calls to your hotel room. They will claim that they are with the hotel either as a manager or concierge and need your credit card information or other personal information due to a system crash. Never give your information over the phone during an incoming call. Hang up and call the front desk yourself to verify.


Law Enforcement

It can be easy for locals to spot a visitor even if you’re a frequent traveler to that area. Scammers are always on the look out for tourists. When they find a potential victim they often pose as law enforcement officials and inform you that you’ve broken the law. They will demand money or threaten to put you in jail. Our FLL Airport travelers should never give money to anyone who demands in it exchange for something else. Explain that you don’t have any cash on you and you will call the local police to identify the “official” who is questioning you. Scammers want easy victims and by not giving in they should leave you alone. If they do stop bothering you, you should still call the local authorities and file a report if necessary.


Distraction Technique

Scammers take advantage of anyone who is preoccupied. That could be anything from being lost in the airport to trying to find your way around the city. It’s easy for a scammer to pick your pockets when you are distracted. One of the scams they can try is to divert your attention by asking you for directions or help, while their accomplice is stealing your valuables. Keep your belongings close at hand and always remember to close your purse, wallet, or lap top bag.


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