Our Unconventional Tennis Ball Travel Tip

Airport Parking Tennis BallSelf Park FLL doesn’t just want to give you the most affordable airport parking at FLL airport, we also want to give you the top Travel Tips.

New Must Have Travel Item

We know that space is limited and valuable in your carry-on suitcase, especially if that’s the only luggage you’re bringing. There are many items that are essential to keep on your person at all times while you travel such as medications, glasses, cell phone, and a charger. But did you also know you should be making room for a tennis ball?

Okay, a tennis ball is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to add an extra item to your carry-on. Once you hear the benefit this small item can give you on your next trip you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s packed.

When you’re on a flight it’s important to keep the circulation going. Sitting in one position for too long can wreck havoc on your health. On longer flights you’ll may be able to get up and walk around. But only when the pilot turns off the fasten seat belt sign. On shorter flights or if you’re in a window seat and don’t want to make your way to the aisle, a tennis ball will come in handy. Use the tennis ball to stretch and get your blood flowing again. You’ll feel better during the flight and once you arrive.

Increase Circulation Tips:

  • Press and roll the ball on your shoulders.
  • Roll the ball up and down your legs.
  • Roll the ball on your lower back in circular motions.
    Bonus: Rub the ball on the bottoms of your feet. This will help keep them from cramping and it’ll just feel really good.

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