3 Ideas to Totally Change Air Travel

Off Airport ParkingIt may seem like the powers that be never radically update how travelers fly. What would frequent flyers like to see? How can we expedient the process? Is there a way to make traveling an easier and more fun experience? Are there off airport parking alternatives to the expensive lots at the airport? These are all questions you may have asked yourself already, but is anyone doing anything about it? Check out these 3 Ideas to Totally Change Air Travel from Teague principal brand strategist, Devin Liddell, and find out where air travel may be headed.

1. No More Carry-On Luggage

Most major airlines charge at least $25 per checked bag, except for Southwest Airlines (No checked bag fee for your first two bags!). Due to this high cost, that only increases the more bags you check, many travelers have opted into jamming as much as they can into a single carry-on. Passengers boarding last will have to worry about if there are any overhead spaces left and if not they’ll be forced to gate check their bag. The wait at baggage claim can take a huge amount of time from your trip if you haven’t planned ahead for it. Ditching carry-on bags could speed up boarding by 71% and take almost 3,000 lbs of weight off of a 777.

2. Add Value to the “Dreaded” Middle Seat

No one wants the middle seat whether you’re in the back of mom’s minivan or on an airplane. Middle seats tend to be booked later than aisle and window seats. This timing issue generally results in flyers paying more for the middle seat! Make choosing the middle seat more alluring by getting corporate sponsors and special offers for middle seat passengers only. How would it feel to reach your middle seat only to find that you can play pre-release video games or save 20% off an order completed in the air? It would certainly make those seats much more desirable and help to fill up each flight.

3. Membership Anyone?

While you can earn miles for almost all major airlines, none of them currently offer really attractive memberships. By modeling a membership off of the popular Starbucks Rewards or Amazon Prime, airlines could offer privileges like a certain amount of flights per year with a membership. Additionally, Liddell proposed that airlines have an app for members. This would allow members to resell their seats without a penalty or swap seats with other members. This type of control would be a huge benefit to frequent flyers.

Bonus Tip: (Off Airport Parking)

Start changing how you fly today by choosing off airport parking. Don’t let conventions dictate how you travel. By parking off site you could pay more than half of what the airport charges. Most lots offer free shuttles and are just minutes away from the airport.

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