Traveling While the Kids are Back in School

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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. In fact, this time of year is a shoulder-season, which means smaller crowds and cheaper prices on hotels and attractions. Now’s the time to plan your next vacation, book your airport parking in Ft Lauderdale, and give the schools advance notice. Still, if the kids can’t miss school you can enjoy that getaway with our tips on traveling during the school year.

Missing School

Checking your kids’ school schedules in advance is a must. It will relieve a lot of the stress that can occur when you’re traveling during the school year. You don’t want them missing tests or any big events they plan on participating in like the school play. Speak with administrators to let them know what days they’ll be missing as soon as possible. Closer to your vacation you should request their homework and reassure their teachers that it will be completed.

Short Weekend Trips

If you don’t want your kids missing any school, consider taking a short trip over the weekend. It can be just as refreshing and exciting as a longer trip. In Ft. Lauderdale we are lucky to have FLL Airport. They always have a ton of cheap flights that can take you around the state. Hop on and spend the weekend at Disney or go over to Clearwater Beach and soak in the sun.

Holiday Weekends

This is another great option if you want more time away, but it will be one of the busiest times to travel. If you keep that in mind and strategically plan your trip you’ll have a great time. To help avoid the surge in prices and crowds consider taking one day off from school. While most people will be headed home on Monday you can score cheaper prices by waiting until Tuesday. Plus you have an extra day of vacation. Booking early is key and goes for your accommodations, flights, and airport parking in Ft Lauderdale.

Spending Time with Family

If it’s just too hard to coordinate all of your kids’ schedules or you just want to spend time alone together, you can still getaway. Bring the grandparents in or set up a weekend for them with friends. They’ll have fun spending time with family while you get some grown up time.


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