Memorial Day 2017 Travel Advisory and Tips

Memorial Day 2017 Travel

At Self Park FLL, we love keeping our fellow travelers up to date on the latest travel news! Memorial Day is one of the heaviest travel weekends in the United States, and this article will serve as your Memorial Day 2017 travel advisory. We will also share some tips on handling the extra cars and people on the road.

Typically defined as the Thursday before Memorial Day through Monday, the Memorial Day weekend always brings a large travel weekend. Whether you’re flying or driving, there are going to be more people around. People are off of work and kids are out of school. Everyone is ready to relax. Don’t let the heavy traffic ruin your fun!

Keep an eye on gas prices. While there are always people who travel over Memorial Day weekend regardless of price, more people will chose to drive over flying when gas prices are lower than usual. People love taking road trips in the summer. When gas prices cooperate, it entices even more people to hit the road. Over this holiday weekend, AAA will increase its presence on the road to help ensure safety for motorists.Typically, they help over 300,000 motorists throughout the Memorial Day weekend, primarily due to dead batteries, lockouts, and flat tires. Before taking any lengthy road trip, we recommend that you have your car serviced, including an oil change, tire rotation, and anything else it might need so that you don’t get stranded on the side of the road.

Memorial Day is a popular holiday weekend with a ton of demand for availability. Many hotels will have higher rates this weekend than any other weekend in May. Consider checking in a day early or staying a day later if you can. By traveling on off days you can avoid the heaviest traffic. 

Additional Tips

For those of you who are tech savvy, download the free AAA app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. The app allows you to map various routes, find low gas prices, see member discounts and offers, request assistance, and more! In addition, you can also find thousands of AAA approved hotels where you will be able to receive a discount on lodging. Have a wonderful time over this great weekend, and remember to stay safe!

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