Beat Jet Lag and Score Cheap Ft Lauderdale Airport Parking

Cheap Ft Lauderdale Airport ParkingJet lag is not just a problem for the international flyers out of Ft. Lauderdale airport. It can affect anyone going across time zones. Whether you are going out of town for business or pleasure, you don’t want jet lag to get you down. We at Self Park FLL know how bad it can be to suffer from jet lag, especially when you are overpaying for your airport parking. We can help you with both. Not only do we offer the best cheap Ft Lauderdale airport parking in town, we’ve also compiled a list of tips and tricks to beat jet lag so you can enjoy your trip.


Before You Fly

You should always prepare in advance for any trip that takes you across time zones. For approximately a week before you should alter your bedtime by 30 to 45 minutes each night. If you are heading to the west coast you’ll want to go to bed later. For eastern travel you will want to start sleeping earlier.


In-Flight Snoozing

A common misconception when it comes to beating jet lag is to assume that by falling asleep on your flight, you won’t feel the effects as strongly. Not only is this not a fool proof method, many travelers who have planned to sleep aren’t able to get a quality snooze in. Flights can be delayed, there can be turbulence, and sometimes we are sat next to a chatterbox. Instead of depending on a in-flight nap, set your watch to the local time. If you land during the day you’ll want to stay awake during your flight and until you’re ready to go to bed for the night. If the flight is during the time when you would expect to be sleeping in the local time, try to sleep on the plane even if it’s a short nap. Additionally, if you can, plan on a short nap your first day and staying awake until bedtime.


Items to Pack in your Carryon

There are items you’ll want to bring if you want to sleep or stay awake during the flight. Noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask, and a blanket can be lifesavers when you are trying to sleep. Some travelers will listen to white noise or classical music to drift off to sleep. Be sure to download those in advance. When you are trying to keep yourself awake you can bring gum, electronics, or reading material to help you stay focused and awake. Don’t be afraid to do some stretches or walk around to keep the blood flowing.


Sleep Aids

Getting sleep or staying awake can be harder than it sounds. There are many supplements you can use to help if you choose to. Melatonin is a great natural item that can help you sleep as well as Unisom, an over the counter medication. Sleepytime Tea is another natural sleep aid that can help you relax and catch some shut-eye. If you think you’ll need something stronger, consult with your doctor. When we have to stay awake, the most dependable aid is still tried and true caffeine. Get a bottle of a caffeinated beverage before you board to have on hand when you need it.


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